Modules and Components for EasyPHP Devserser & Webserver

All you need for a fully customisable development environment that fits your production server and helps you to code properly.

First, if not already done, install EasyPHP Devserver :
Then, update and extend your development environment with modules and components.

Modules : Virtual Hosts Manager, Xdebug Manager, Webgrind, Codiad Editor, PHP Code Sniffer (soon)...
Components : PHP, Apache, MySQL, Nginx, PostgreSQL (soon), MongoDB (soon)...

UPDATES FOR DEVSERVER 17.x 07/04 - PHP 7.3.0 alpha 3 x64/x86 06/17 - PHP 7.2.6 x64/x86 06/17 - PHP 7.1.18 x64/x86 05/05 - PhpMyAdmin 04/29 - PHP 7.0.30 x64/x86 04/29 - PHP 5.6.36 x86 04/21 - Apache 2.4.33 VC15 x64/x86 06/02 - Codiad Web IDE 2.7.4 05/03 - Xdebug Manager 1.7

You can rent the key of the warehouse and pick up what you want when you want. And join the beta testers program (if you want).

For more than 18 years, we have been developing Devserver, Webserver, modules and components (and trying to keep them up to date) on our free time. By subscribing, you help us continue to create new useful tools for developers.

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